Rabbi Nachman of Breslov – My dear friend! Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches throughout all his writings, the essential belief in the holy faith of an infinite being, which is at all times ever watching and eagerly awaiting to help anyone (Jew as well as non-Jew) that seeks His help by speaking to Him in their own words!

By internalizing this essential faith of a God, whose perfect unity is unlike anything conceivable to the human mind and whose infinite presence is literally everywhere, a person can immediately find the hope they need, to overcome the many problems and challenges of life they face every single day! For by believing in a God which has absolutely no form whatsoever, but is literally everywhere, is the cause and reason for the success of the Jewish nation for over 3500 years.

HASHEM (The [Great] Name [Of God]) is the most abundant source of infinite mercy and compassion to all that know how to properly call Him and know how to properly refer to Him. For just as each person has a name and does not appreciate when people call them by a different name, so too, and even more so, to HASHEM, when someone calls Him by a name that He has not authorized, instead of invoking His compassion, they instead, invoke His contempt!

For this reason my dear friend, I am sharing with you this very essential piece of information. For you need to know it, when you begin to apply what you are about to learn throughout all of Rabbi Nachman’s teachings; especially what I am about to share with you, here on this site.

On this site, any downloadable literature is made available to you absolutely free! Banner ads, will link directly to PDF files when you click on them. These files can easily be saved to a convenient folder which you can create and simply call “Rabbi Nachman”.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov of blessed memory, promised HASHEM while he was still in a physical body over 200 years ago, that he would cause for the entire world to return to God and recognize in the existence of an infinite being. For this reason, anyone who diligently applies Rabbi Nachman’s teachings, sincerely and earnestly, will be sure to discover the truth in all his writings and teachings. And is certain to discover the truth of a single God, second to none, for He alone is the First, as well as the Last, and aside from Him – absolutely nothing at all exists! For everything, but everything, is nothing more than a mere manifestation in one form or another, of the infinite presence of HASHEM! For the infinite presence of HASHEM is literally everywhere! The concept of nature and physical laws is nothing but an illusion to the mind. For even the most minutest detail anywhere throughout the entire universe, is continuously maintained and monitored by HASHEM, just as the most minutest and insignificant detail of a very complex computer program, can be traced back to a line of code.

HASHEM is an infinite being. He communicates with His creations at all times. However, because HASHEM is unlike any concept which we as mortal men are aware of, since we are only familiar with things that have a beginning and an end, we are not capable of relating to something which has no beginning or end. We cannot relate to something which never had a beginning, for we only understand things that do. We cannot understand things which have no end, because in our lives everything we are familiar with, does. Because we do not possess the mental tools to grasp the very essence of HASHEM, we therefore need to cast aside our so called “wisdom” and merely relate to HASHEM on a pure level of simple faith; just as we find in women and children, teaches Rabbi Nachman.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, exalted and praised the simplicity of women. His students were encouraged to take note and try to emulate this level of perfection, sincerity and simplicity. For nothing more is needed when communicating with an infinite being. And as smart as the smartest person will ever be, their wisdom will still be considered nothing, in relation to the infinite wisdom of HASHEM.

The simple service of HASHEM only requires that a person’s heart be in the right place, to sincerely fulfill HASHEM’s commandments as He Himself commanded them in His holy Torah. If a person is capable of “letting go” and simply trusting in HASHEM, that He alone will fulfill your every request, because they simply begin to believe that HASHEM is literally everywhere, then if they pay attention, they will notice how each prayer and request is noted and answered, at the appropriate time.

Just begin, by simply talking to HASHEM in your own words. Imagine HASHEM as your closest friend. Share and tell Him everything, just as you would your closest friend! It’s recommended that you find a place where you won’t be disturbed. You want to avoid feeling self conscious when you open your mouth and talk to HASHEM, telling and sharing with Him your most intimate thoughts, feelings and pain. (“Talking” means talking, just as you would talk with any human being).

My dear friend! You have no idea in the world, how comforting this simple action can be! But if you’ll start with simple faith and forget everything you know (or think you know about the existence of God), and merely adopt Rabbi Nachman’s teachings and apply them, the results you’ll get will be extraordinary!

Talk as honestly and as openly as you can. Discuss with HASHEM all your fears, worries and the things which cause you the most stress in your life. This action of itself, will allow you to gain greater clarity of the problems you face, and will allow you to become aware of the obvious solutions to each problem and what you need to do to take action to solve those problems.

Remember, and always vividly realize and imagine in your mind that HASHEM is an infinite being. And no problem is too big for Him to handle! You just need to keep in mind the necessity of developing the necessary patience required, to see your prayers answered. Each request comes with a specific price tag attached to it. And while in most cases the price you “pay” is not necessarily in coin or bills, but rather in additional prayers and yearning to see that prayer completed to its fruition and manifestation.

My dear friend! A word of advice to you as you begins your journey. Build a warm and loving relationship with HASHEM, and you will find meaning in every aspect of everything you will do, from this moment on. This too takes time to develop. But if you approach this advice sincerely and without deceit to carry forth what I have shared with you of Rabbi Nachman’s teachings, rest assured that you will begin noticing results, based upon how well you execute the instructions you have been given.

Stay Happy and don’t worry!